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Для каждого слова вы найдете перевод, транскрипцию (брит. и амер.), аудио-произношение (брит. и амер.), примеры словосочетаний с этим словом, примеры использования слова в английских предложениях.

Travel Traveler Bus Car Scooter Plane Ship Train Bicycle Petrol Airport Ticket Baggage Visa Resort Currency Guest house Showplace Abroad City Island Map Direction Sea Recreation Beach Coast Port Backpack Suitcase Exotic Aisle Boarding Terminal Passenger Passport Toilet Landing Information Gate Destination Delay Customs Cockpit Check-in Overweight Summer Sand Pool Sunshade Swim Heat Vacation Bathe Tan Ice cream Picnic Water Rain Thunderstorm Garden Grass Shorts Snickers Evening Walk Weather Temperature Cold Scorching Sunny Cloudy Cool Clear Dry Thunder Lightning Wind Fog Snow Frost Meteorologist Earthquake Flood Storm Forecast Umbrella Puddle Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Work Company Contract Profession Specialist Specialty Employee Colleague Career Prestigious Diploma Office Vacancy Mode Schedule Competence Education Qualification Cabinet Director Order License Commerce Application Probation Branch Dismissal Dismiss Dole Duty Earn Earnings Employer Pay Resume Salary Ability Afraid Amused Angry Annoyed Appalled Astonished Bored Brave Composed Embarrass Curious Delight Depression Disappoint Disgust Exhausted Excited Grateful Happy Hate Hysterical Hope Indignant Loathing Interpreter Translator Teacher Builder Scientist Nurse Dentist Doctor Waiter Manager Administrator Secretary Accountant Economist Financier Taxi driver Driver Engineer Designer Programmer Architect Postman Policeman Fireman Cook Electrician Plumber Cleaner Courier Photographer Journalist Politician Librarian Priest Writer Musician Actor Artist Singer Coach Athlete Guide Vet Hairdresser Barman Lawyer Consultant Shop assistant Cashier Babysitter Algebra Math Geometry Physics Biology Chemistry Informatics Geography Literature History Music Art English German French Square Circle Triangle Rectangle Quadrilateral Pentagon Hexagon Octagon Cube Rhombus Cone Parallelepiped Pyramid Cylinder Oval Trapezium Helix Circumference Prism Sphere Point Ray Line Black White Red Blue Yellow Green Orange Brown Pink Gray Beige Crimson Turquoise Emerald Golden Copper Coral Silver Olive Purple Lilac Kitchen Fridge Freezer Pan Grater Bin Ladle Kettle Knife Cup Mug Glass Saucer Plate Fork Spoon Jug Breadbasket Dish drainer Tabletop Table Chair Stool Sink Oven Dishwasher Microwave Toaster Cupboard Juicer Colander Sieve Tray Blender Berry Watermelon Melon Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Gooseberry Currant Cranberry Buckthorn Cherry Blackberry Bilberry Shadberry Cowberry Barberry Rowan Briar Sweet cherry Fruit Apple Apricot Avocado Banana Coconut Fig Grape Grapefruit Kiwi Lemon Lime Mandarin Mango Nectarine Papaya Passion fruit Peach Pear Pineapple Plum Pomegranate Quince Durian Guava Vegetables Tomato Potato Onion Cucumber Eggplant Lettuce Corn Pumpkin Radish Garlic Pea Cabbage Carrot Beet Turnip Broccoli Green pepper Cauliflower Bean Brussels sprouts Chinese cabbage Asparagus Celery Spinach Fish Shark Anchovy Caspian roach Pink Salmon Ruff Carp Red-fins Bream Salmon Capelin Perch Sturgeon Halibut Gudgeon Haddock Piranha Roach Mackerel Cod Tuna Trout Pike Hobby Sew Embroider Draw Paint Bowling Fitness Football Diving Skiing Snowboard Sing Fishing Tennis Volleyball Basketball Dance Tourism Gymnastics Running Roller-skate Ice-skate Cookery Hike Chess Backgammon Checkers Needlework Yoga Meditation Reading Animal Beast Cat Dog Deer Moose Bear Calf Bull Chicken Cock Cow Crocodile Donkey Duck Duckling Elephant Frog Fox Hare Goat Goose Giraffe Horse Monkey Sheep Peacock Penguin Pony Pig Parrot Owl Ostrich Tiger Seal Flamingo Heron Tortoise Lizard Halloween Town outskirts Witch Monster Vampire Bat Spider Mummy Skeleton Haunted house Candle Candy Death Bonfire Prank Costume Hat Devil Scarecrow Graveyard Blood Scary Spooky Treat Sport Sportsman Champion Championship Competition Tracksuit Gymnasium Gym Stadium Contestant Defeat Final Finish Match Medal Result Team Tournament Trainer Victory Winner Training Swimmer Gymnast Weightlifter Wrestler Boxer Skier Rower Footballer Jump Goal House Flat Apartment Stairs Brick Roof Ceiling Garage Closet Door Drapes Floor Furniture Window Wall Curtains Jumper Socks Pajamas Gown Coat Jeans Belt Pants Raincoat Scarf Glove Sundress Windbreaker Shoes Slippers Shirt T-shirt Sneakers Hoody Tie Skirt Suit Underclothes Pantyhose Head Hair Ear Eye Nose Mouth Neck Shoulder Chest Stomach Back Hand Finger Toe Nail Leg Knee Foot Face Forehead Eyebrow Eyelash Cheek Lips Tooth Tongue Hip Ankle Heel Waist Navel Elbow Fist Wrist Palm Headache Stomachache Backache Toothache Earache Chills Rash Cough Sneeze Dizzy Cut Bruise Sunburn Blister Nosebleeds Flu Diabetes Allergy Asthma Dementia Tuberculosis Arthritis Pain Bitter Gentle Creamy Hot Salty Savoury Sour Spicy Sweet Tasteless Mother Father Daughter Son Sister Brother Grandfather Grandmother Aunt Uncle Niece Nephew Parent Children Grandparents Grandson Granddaughter Twins Cousin Wife Husband Family Relative Food Pasta Buckwheat Lentils Egg Oatmeal Dumplings Pancakes Cutlet Meat Cereals Bread Cheese Sandwich Greens Soup Flour Jam Milk Butter Oil Pie Rice Sugar Salt Vinegar Yeast Yogurt Sausage New Year New Year's Day New year's eve Christmas Christmas card Christmas tree Garland Snow maiden Father Christmas Gift Snowman Decorate Celebrate Countdown Tinsel Merry Midnight Hello Hi You Take Give What Bye Way Which Start There Easy Find Leave Tell First aid kit Band-aid Ampoule Anaesthetic Aspirin Bandage Capsule Thermometer Condom Contraceptive Cotton Crutch Ear drops Eye drops Elastic bandage Gauze Hot water bottle Vaccination Iodine Laxative Pipette Mustard plaster Ointment Painkiller Poison Powder Vaseline Prescription Syringe Tourniquet Tablet Vitamin Hearing aid January February March April May June July August September October November December Winter Spring Autumn Town Road Downtown Avenue Pavement Sidewalk Pedestrian crossing Sign Traffic light Bus stop Kerb Roadside Asphalt Building School University Kindergarten Hospital Pharmacy Bank Bar Cafe Restaurant Bakery Grocery Supermarket Toy shop Library Zoo Stall Cathedral Church Mosque Theatre Circus Nightclub Post office Postbox Railway station Traffic Cash machine Bookshop Bridge Museum Crossroads Statue Bench Underpass Pedestrian Trashcan Drink Milkshake Soda Cocktail Juice Lemonade Cocoa Coke Tea Coffee Beer Cognac Wine Bouquet Risk Pub Flag Radio Computer Project Transport Hotel Revolution Investor Do Say Must Go Can Need Want Look Get See Come Think Learn Create Ask Use Remember Love Keep Hear Know Try Begin Call Man Test Girl Woman Put away From rags to riches Gravy train Money laundering Have a crush on Money to burn Shoot the breeze To be loaded A close call Out of whack A hot potato Beat a dead horse Break the bank Big cheese Go to the dogs Top dog Dead duck Monkey business On cloud nine Good grief Rain cats and dogs For a rainy day Come again Cry over spilt milk Break the ice When pigs fly Crunch time Keep an eye on Get out of hand Get rid of Call it a day Break a leg A piece of cake Look up Walk away Come up Back off Pick up Look out Break out Come back Blow up Break down Burst out Calm down Call back Put off Stock up Come up with Look forward to Chew on Go ahead Proud Perfectly normal Involved Mysterious Firm Moustache Although Discover A In the very center Of Colorado There was Small American Village Pagos Sprigs Where People Lived Quietly And Peacefully For centuries As in all Were Madly in love With All Saints Day As Known America Everyone Was Well Aware That Mysticism Evil spirits Go hand in hand On This Day But Until Story Happened No one Really In These Horror stories The Large Friendly Smith family Had Huge Ranch They Kept Various Animals Such as Cows Horses Poultry Others Mr John Smith Turned Wall calendar page To October 31 As the rest of Getting ready For John's Charming Daughters Kayla Rosanna Preparing Their Own Festive Costumes Trying Snatch Most Elegant Jewelry From each other Gimme Brooch Shouted Little I Wanna Pin It My Queen Dress No way Replied It'll Much Better Mermaid Don't Quarrel Intervened Mrs Leila Smith Have A lot of For both of you Box Now Follow me Our Bedroom We Will Prepare Holiday Together Thank Mom Girls Answered In unison Rushed Parents' Room Faster Than Leila Sudden Wild Scream Bobby Boy Living Next door Startled Whole John On the outskirts Hut Young Her Elderly Since Never Appeared Street Locals Believed She Did Witchcraft Saw Over there Bleating Wildly Got lost Last Night At Very Stray Moment Doubted Done By XXI Century No longer Burnt Them At the stake Many Wanted Then Decided Deal Modern Hand her over Authorities So Court Could Examine Case Hardly Approached Ill-fated Ran out Are Monsters Why Making Out of her Born Blind Has Cursed Anyone Life While Prays Your Sinful Souls Salvation World Leave her alone It took Effort Remove From However Understand How Got there Called Innocent Any longer Started More Seriously Because Come out of the woodwork Can cause Trouble Not only An Individual Also Entire Even All Mankind Poor It's Sam's Anniversary Today Is Celebrating 10th Birthday Early Morning Girl's Friends Came Gifts Congratulate Alex Max Jennifer Susie Had been Thinking For a long time About Present Finally Buy Sam Penny Gave Shaped Form Beloved Poodle Collect Money Parents Pocket Expenses Decide Herself After Would Like Open Coins Inside Enough Cakes Ride Fairground Attractions Went Park Not Should Share That's Spend Any Rode Cars Jumped Trampoline Sad Staying Alone Thought Got tired of Riding Bought up Popcorn Couldn't Stop Eating Seemed Neither Funny Nor Exciting Realized Inviting Wasn't Good Idea Feel Have eaten Offended Playground Mates Quite Chance Dear Forgive Me Didn't Told Let's go Serve Sweets Around There's Thus Best Look for Have fun One Fine Dirty Soaking Himself Thirsty Lion Unable Heavy Stench Went away Foolish Him Excitedly Challenged Duel Maybe Tomorrow Turned away Smelly Home His He Coward Made Run Away Explained Pig's Hottie Psyched Vehicle Excitement Crashed Instantly Suggested Leisurely Roll Might Rachel First time Airplane Check-in counter Handed over Attendant Once upon a time Named Lily Who Loved Explore Forest Near Stink Meet Listened As soon as Foul Smell Spread Ran Since then Pigs Always Themselves No Venture Deeper Into Woods Ever Gone Before Wandered Through Trees Marveled Beauty Colorful Flowers Babbling Brooks Birds Soaring Overhead Sun Began Set Lost Panic Set in Tried Retrace Steps Every Path Looked Same Just When Give up Heard Rustling Bushes Out Wise Old Offered Safety Owl's Help Followed Reached Knew Be Cautious Exploring Learned Sometimes Unexpected Places Whenever Returned Looked for Feathered Friend Feeling Nervous Time Flying Handed Here you go Said Voice Shaking Smiled Kindly Worry Everything Flight On time B14 Safe Trip Felt Bit Relaxed Security Took off Put Carry-on Luggage Conveyor Stepped Metal Detector Collecting Belongings Found Sat down Wait Watched Hurriedly Walked Dragging Suitcases Behind Some Families Talking Plans Soon Board Got Seat Fastened Seatbelt Calm Nerves During Movies Read Book Slept For a while Landed Collected Exit Waiting Greet Welcome Asked Giving Hug Great Smile Can't Again Soapy Sat Madison Square New York Looked up Sky Madison Dead Leaf Fell Onto Arm Coming Up Make Moved Unhappily Three Months Nice Warm Prison Usually Spent Winters Newspapers Keep out First Plan Ate Dinner Expensive Left Slowly Along Bright Broadway Ah Right Down Sit Only Nobody Trousers Meal Too Terrible Strong Hands Round Helped At once Something Different Sixth Stopped Shop Everybody Carefully Picked Stone Threw Broke Loud Noise Corner Move Stood Pockets Came up Perhaps Break Windows Talk Policemen Another Catch Minute Luck Cross Opposite
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Gifts - подарки  Noun
She brings gifts for me on every visit. Она приносит мне подарки при каждом посещении.