The Dirty Pig

The Dirty Pig

One fine day, a dirty pig was soaking himself in a pool. A thirsty lion came to drink water, but unable to bear the heavy stench went away. The foolish pig thought that the lion was afraid of him and excitedly challenged him to a duel. “Maybe tomorrow,” replied the lion and turned away from the smelly pig.

The pig went home and told his parents how he had challenged a coward lion. “What have you done you, foolish pig? It's not you but your stench that made him run away,” explained his father.

The dirty pig's excitement crashed instantly. His father suggested that he should leisurely roll in the dirty water so that he might stink even more and then meet the lion. The pig listened to his father.

As soon as the lion approached him, the foul smell spread around, and he ran away unable to bear it. Since then, pigs always keep themselves dirty so that no animal might come near them.

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