The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift

It's Sam's anniversary today – she is celebrating her 10th birthday! Since the early morning young girl's friends came with gifts to congratulate her!

Alex, Max, Jennifer and Susie had been thinking for a long time about the better present to give, and finally they decided that it was better to buy Sam a penny box shaped in the form of her beloved dog, а poodle, and collect the money that their parents gave them for pocket expenses. And after all, the birthday girl will decide herself what gift she would like to have for her holiday. And so they did!

Sam was really happy to open the penny box her friends gave her for a present and find so many coins inside! There was enough money to buy ice cream, and cakes, and cotton candy, and even to ride the fairground attractions!

So the girl went to the park, but did not take the friends with her: “Why should I share with them? That's my birthday present, so I may spend the money any way I like!

Sam went to the attractions. She rode horses, rode cars, jumped on a trampoline.

“How sad it is staying alone,” the girl thought, “where are my friends Alex, Max, Jennifer and Susie?”

The birthday girl got tired of riding, went to a cafe and bought up ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy! She couldn't stop eating and seemed to have eaten enough, but it was neither funny nor exciting.

And then Sam realized that not inviting her friends wasn't a good idea. And they must feel offended. The girl went to the playground to look for her mates. And quite by chance they were all there.

“My dear friends, forgive me that I didn't call you,” the girl told them, “let's go together to the park, I will serve sweets around and we can ride on the attractions together. There's enough money for everyone!”

Thus Sam realized that the best birthday gift is to have fun together with her friends.

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